Lyrics to Final Breath
Final Breath Video:
I overdose as mind takes control,
Who would have known the demon hides in my soul?
They say to listen to everything,
my heart, my soul, this was a dream reality.
Pick up your fucking feet and dance with me.
One day you will see me,
one day you will see.
See me praying for the ring,
praying for the day,
that you will marry me

I want you for me,
(I want you for me, I want you, can't you see?)
Your beauty is all I need,
(Your beauty is all I need)
Without you, I can't breathe,
it's like a noose around my neck,
and it's choking me.

Breakdown tonight, I will never die,
one day you'll see
that we were meant to be.
I cannot take this oath.

Girl, surrender all your love to me,
girl, throw your hands in the air and make love to me.
Surrender all your love to me, whoa.

Don't let go, we can change it all,
never leave my side, until the day I die.

Die tonight.
If this could be something,
then I would be happy.
I would be happy.

Just to know your name would please me.
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