Lyrics to Film Star
Film Star Video:
Iâ??ve got my eyes back
and I hate the clothes you've picked for me
they're modest
and I am anything but that
I need a red shirt
and tight blue pants for dancing
like the flames of fires passed/past

I think I should tell you
I met someone at work today
that's not true
because I've known her all along
you'd probably like her
if I wasn't leaving you this way
girl it's hard to carry on.

it's nights like these, when none-at-all is all I need
but all I need is to feel your healing hands on me.

that's when she told me
that I could be a movie star
I'm perfect
the best she's ever found
I've got my lines now
and I know my motivation
I'm drowning
and you're holding me down
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