Lyrics to Fifth Column
Fifth Column Video:
the choices made
when we are all conscripted
fodder in the ear canals of any revolution.

and in the face of those who lie in state
this isn't just to say

to appease the pain of static days
with the willing functionaries of
an inundated mass
because the battle lines are drawn
and we all make clear where we stand
with every word and every hand
we raise in opposition

because what we've made
yes what we've made
shoved down the throats of friends
burning in the flames

so with resistance
and in resistance:

a movement raised to realize a fate
we'll live with the fire,
before we die with the choice
and it wont be a "false flag operation"
when we consider the source
and put the match to the fuse

of our rage
from me
from you
from us.
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