Lyrics to Fiction
Fiction Video:
I had the strangest dream, you were lost at sea
I found you drowning on the ocean floor
I woke from my deep sleep, to end the misery
And found you lying outside of my door
I tried to wake you up, to shake you up but found out you were dead
Like a lead in the wind,
you left me standing alone to face the demons in my head
We're making fiction of our lives
Burning pages as we write
We read the lies between the lines
These dead letters won't survive
A dusty record spins, an old song plays again
The needle dragging across its skin
Ink spills from my pen, the paper soaks it in
The music bringing tremors to my hand
I can't give you up, just lift you up to chance on a dragonfly's wing
With my love in the wind,
you left me standing alone hoping it brings you back to me
We are not poets, we have no right to make amendments
The story is over, the chapter is closing
I don't know how it ends but I really don't like how it begins
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