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The Wailing Wall

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Lyrics to Feudal Lords/Gated Community
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My debts are still unpaid to feudal lords
My educators got their just rewards
I walked a tightrope and I swallowed swords
To free my bones from their catacombs

I tried to call you but you weren't there
The softest pillow won't replace your hair
I cracked my knuckles with a wooden chair
To force my fingers free of the telephone

And though I spent a summer screwing you in effigy
Pretending it was you there that was lying next to me
My heart is in your hands and your thoughts are with him, you see
And I hope God can forgive me

And I can feel it in my jangling joints
This is the hour that he will anoint
A new religion free of reference points
As such its much more honorable

But when you're gone I sing the same old songs
I close my eyes and clap my sweaty palms
And in my heart I feel a holy calm
Because I know it makes you miserable

And though the pigments of your eyes are slowly wiped off of the slate
And the painting you're a part of starts to crack and disintegrate
I could hold you in my arms but what's a painting for a mate
Just some ancient infant's doodles disguised as something great
And I hope God can forgive me

And there's a hole inside my chest
Filled with what others think is best
And I try not to pay it any mind
But no bells and whistles could redeem me
No sorry statue could completely
Compensate for all the things I've left behind

And when judgment day comes you will beg for immunity
For harboring hate in God's gated community
The texts that they taught you to bark on command
Will all crumble to pieces at the touch of your hand
And the skies will break open and a light will shine down
And the almighty God's sacred soul will surround
But when you kneel you will feel all his fury and wrath
For he knows by your clothes of those stones that you've thrown unatoned at my path

You bring your bible to my lips and have me kiss each new edition
But why must I sacrifice my spit to validate all your convictions?
You can find some other book, you can find somebody new
And take them to your coffin just like King Tutankhamen
But really, what good would that do?
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