Lyrics to Ferry Song
Since it's too late to stay here
Maybe I could take up a seat?
It's getting hard to keep walking
With these phrases on repeat
Sure as high times in summer
Will lead to a heartache in fall
If I get over that river, babe
I'll run blindly through it all

Come on down
Come on down
You might be the only one

It was almost time for bed
And I tried to keep from wondering
Of something so close it was too easy to see
The image of that one girl
The one that left me gunned down
Showed herself in to keep me company

With a motor in my head that won't stop running
A hand in my pocket that won't leave me be
That storm in my belly it just keeps on thundering
And it won't hush till you drift to me

So come on down
Come on down
You might be the only one
You're my good luck charm
The smoke that never left my lungs
You're the only one

There's a ferry up the river
Taking me from here to you
There's a fifteen and the forty five
That's all you need to know
Two dollars ain't too bad when you got nowhere to go
But if I keep on thinking how the hell I got here alone
I may never know what could be
And I won't find out until you drift to me