Lyrics to Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel Video:
Fortune teller
Telling me
Time is not the enemy

I know I'm good for nothing
But I must be good for something

While my eyes are fixed on your charade
Visions of a dark parade
The people that I know and love
Crowd around and cry above

These hands must feel like wire brush
The lines you follow finger touch
I know I've paid my living dues
Tell me my tomorrow news

I've broke in homes in Bethlehem
Stepped a foot on foreign land
Sat down while the others stood
Did the bad when bad was good

Cut myself on a woman's thorn
Stuck around to feel her scorn
I've bled my arms in body ink
Shot a man a toothy wink
I've seen the light and passed it by
I counted four so here I lie

You'd think that we had made a deal
Now I'm lifted by your ferris wheel
The air feels like a winter breeze
We float above the tallest trees
Break atop the cloudy shade
To walk along you promenade

It's okay, mama
Don't you fear
I can see my house from here

I've got a job, it pays enough
To take care of the one I love
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