Fells Like Sunday Lyrics

Jesse McCartney

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Lyrics to Fells Like Sunday
Fells Like Sunday Video:
The nights over, your fading
It always ends the same
Your heads on my shoulder
As we pull away

So many good times, you and I
It makes it so hard to say goodbye

'Cause it always feels like Sunday
When I drive you home
Maybe we'll be fine by Monday
But tonight, I'm alone
Baby when I can't be with you
I still want you close
'Cause it always feels like Sunday
When you go, when you go

Your scent on my tee-shirt
It never seems to fade
An empty seat now,
Next to me but
The memory fills the space

Every moment you're not here
Reminds me of how much I need you


Go, Sunday
Go, Sunday
Go, Sunday

It feels like Sunday
It feels like Sunday


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