Lyrics to Feet Of Clay
Feet Of Clay Video:
Don't waste this dance on me my love
Step and glide the way you do
And let me watch the turns and move
My heart if not my feet with you.

Don't think about me dreaming here
I will see you fly away
While in my head you hold me dear
And whirl me off my feet of clay

Where was I when grace was given
Not to fall when turning round
I've no faith in earth or heaven
Not to move my standing ground

Don't waste your life on me my love
Live and breathe the way you do
No butterfly to be pinned down
And kept forever through and through.

But if your love should cross with mine
I will be here on your side
As long as you want me to be
I'll not be going far or wide

Running, walking, standing still,
Sitting, laughing - that I can do
And wishing, wishing
It could be me to dance with you
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