Lyrics to Feels Like Yesterday
Feels Like Yesterday Video:
welcome to real life she said
where love is blind
but blind is paralyzed
well i've not moved in quite a while
except to fall to my knees and scream
God, please don't let me die here tonight
morning's just a crooked nurse
who curses when she smiles
why don't we move to california
get over mornings for a while
and kill the stars, we'll kill all the stars
shoot them one by one
cause stars are only nightlights
put in place of morning sun

i've got a feeling that
if you're not here tomorrow
when i wake up
maybe i'll steal a rocket
fly it right into the sun
if we take back all we borrowed
does that mean they've won?

i've had my face buried in my hands
i've been building mansions
on piles of quick sand
you ask me to move mountains
but i can't move to stand
with our eyes closed and arms outstretched
we'll find the promised land

get to feeling that
if i'm not here tomorrow
then when you wake up
could you stand to follow me into the sun?
when it's down to choke or swallow
baby, don't hold your tounge

now i've been walking over fire
trying to find myself a name
i've got a head full of sermons
that just keep driving me insane
i know that we are all king's minstrels
playing on a broken string
some just lost the feeling
the rest just never felt a thing

i've got a feeling that
we won't be here tomorrow
when they wake up
'cause we'll be miles and miles and miles and miles away
when the sun goes down tonight
it'll feel like yesterday
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