Feels Like He First Time Lyrics

Mark Medlock

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Lyrics to Feels Like He First Time
Feels Like He First Time Video:
Like an old time movie you give love all just to me When we fly on broken wings you are my everyhing Like an angel calls tomorrow like a kiss with no sorrows and whatever you will be you're my destiny You can run but you can't hide away from me Our love it feels like so good as mystery I'll never leave you and I'm draming Refrain Feels like the first time your love will be mine Can I live without your love? Oh, I feel that I can' get enough See what this great love can do All these dreams last forever and I saty with you together You are always in my mind till the edge of time Everytime when you touch me it's like a storm in the movie Listen to your heart and see love is always free You're like a child and like a fire, too Our love is as a secret rendez-vous I'll never leave you, and I'm dreaming Refrain 2x Like an old time movie you belong just to me like the first time

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