Feeling The Pinch Lyrics

Poison Girls

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Lyrics to Feeling The Pinch
Feeling The Pinch Video:
Like a crow on a motorway

Picking at scabs

Sees red when a blackleg

Drives past in a cab

Like men in blue suits

With their sticks in their hands

And their feathers in their caps

Like fighting for blackstuff

Like staying alive

Like a union of crows

Their funds bled dry

And bossmen in Lorries

Are crossing the line

It's only real when it hurts

You can trust when it hurts

You know now it's been

Feeling the pinch

Wakes up from a dream

Trust how it hurts

Trust what you feel

Feeling the pinch

Wakes you up

Like a crow on barbed wire

We're the enemy within

Like an unanswered phone call

Where running again

Like a picking bone

There's a hook in your brain.....

Like a ghost town valley

Like duct on a sheet

Like a cold empty shop

On a cold empty street

Like the crowd gathers round

When the ambulance screams

Your only real when you bleed.
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