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He grew up in a family Some call it high-society And when he was a young kid He used to be a kind of cheeky His father often hit him And locked him up in a dark cellar room The tears ran down his cheeks And his sisters always dried them And mother she felt sorry And took him in her arms But he felt lonely, lonely, lonely, felt so lonely, yeah ... He rather played guitar Than work too much for school "You better do your homework Otherwise you'll stay a fool" But he just always learned to sing the blues And played in a few rock bands Became well known und gave concerts A lot of people clapped their hands But he felt lonely, lonley, lonley, he's feeling lonely And when he was about seventeen Met a sweet young virgin girl He really loved her a lot Felt no more lonely in this world At twenty one it really hit him hard That friendship broke apart Ever since that time he keeps on singing the blues Louder than before 'Cause he feels lonely, lonely, lonely, feeling lonely, yeah ... He knows he's got a few friends But sometimes he can't help it He's feeling lonely, lonely, lonely and sometimes he's got to cry ... Yes, I'm feeling lonely ...

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