Lyrics to Feel It In The Air
Feel It In The Air Video:
(feat. Young Buck, De Tay)

[News Anchor:]
There Maybe No More Dangerous Job In The World These Days
Than Being An Undercover Agent For The United States
Drug Enforcement Administration: The Dea
The Federal Agency Which Is At War With Ruthless Drug Dealers Around The World
Tonight, One Of Those Undercover Agents Is Missing

[Other News Anchor:]
The American Drug Agent Was Kidnapped Last Thursday In Broad Day Light

[Tony Yayo:] Here We Go Now!

[Verse 1: Young Buck/D-Tay]
[Young Buck:] We Done Sold Dope Out Niggas
[D-Tay:] Pimp Toe Kill Snitches
[Young Buck:] Caught A Little Case But I'm Back On You Punk Bitches
[D-Tay:] New Bricks
[YB:] Control The Shit
[D-Tay:] You Know What You Dealin' With
[YB:] Real Niggas Do Real Things On Some Real Shit
[YB:] Hood Rich
[D-Tay:] Always
[YB:] Thuggin' 'till My Death Gate
[D-Tay:] Just Wait
[YB:] We Can Show A Hustler The Best Way
[D-Tay:] Ride With Me
[YB:] Spit Nigga I'm A Go And Find 50
[D-Tay:] Tell Him That I'm Ready
[YB:] You Know The Unit Ridin' With Me
[D-Tay:] Wait For Me
[YB:] Hey Homie Let Me Holla At Ya
[D-Tay:] Hey Look It Ain't About Your Money The Lights Is What I'm After
[YB:] I'm Strapped Now
[D-Tay:] Me Too
With Desert Eagles
I Feel It In The Air Like That Nigga Beanie Sigel
[D-Tay:] So I'm Shootin' Anywhere Even At Innocent People
[YB:] I'm Smokin' My Weed Like Its Legal
[D-Tay:] When We Creep Through
[YB:] Top Dropped
[D-Tay:] Glock Cocked
[YB:] We Know When The Block Hot
[D-Tay:] The Fiends Still Comin' So Lets Get It

[Tony Yayo:]
Yeah G Unit Nigga, It Don't Get No Better Than This Nigga
Tony Yayo The Talk Of New York Nigga
Buck Marley, (The Real Talk Of New York)
The General Curtis "Interscope" Jackson
Lloyd Banks Blue Hefner Nigga
It Don't Get No Better Than This
Sha Money Is You Ready Baby?

[Verse 2: Tony Yayo]
I'm In The Spot Breakin' Down Cause My Work Is The Best
So Them Ds Got It Hot Like Some Morning Breath
I'm In That New Cls
L And A Vest
And My Fifth 'll Have Forensics Cleanin' Your Mess
Nigga 50 Got Me Rich I Don't Know How To Act
Homie My Blade And My Mac
Is The Perfect Match
They Go Together Real Good Like Wade And Shaq
Nigga Give Me 20 Minutes I'll Move Os Of Crack
G Unit Clique Ride Nigga We Ring Bells
Brutal, Like The Medaline Cartel
I'm That New Big L
With More Chips Than Wise
Hos Open Up They Thighs When They Peep The Ride
You Know That New Gt That Four Door Shit
I Ride Through Your Strip And Let The Four Off Quick Nigga

[Tony Yayo:]
You Know What Time It Is Nigga
(Yeah Ya'll Niggas Know What Time It Is)
G Unit!!!
Yeah Nigga Its The Talk Of New York Nigga
The Real Talk Of New York
A.K.A. 12 12s 58 58s Man
Ya'll Niggas Know What Time Its Is Man
Get Your Weight Up
Not Your Hate Up Nigga
Huh We Got Money We Doin' It Nigga
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