Feed Them To The 5 Lions (Linden) Lyrics


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Lyrics to Feed Them To The 5 Lions (Linden)
Feed Them To The 5 Lions (Linden) Video:
Every building same height
Every street a straight line
Two colors, yellow and blue

Cheerlead single-file
Perfect smiles, unaffected
And you won't forget
Our colors blue

No, you won't forget it

Twenty miles westward
Home of the Redbirds
Two colors crimson, blue

Open up your purses
For the boys who reimburse us
With a goal, line-stand
On fourth and two

And that goal, line-stand, ha!

Summer's dry and fallow
Reservoirs are shallow
Spillways unexposed

It's never been inspected
When the goverment's elected
That the fields
Will turn to yellow, too (oooh)

Now the fields will turn...
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