Feed Off The Strife Lyrics

Fear The State

Against The Ropes

Lyrics to Feed Off The Strife
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Breakin the back that i've been givin
feedin the mouths that I have made
teachin my brain's what keeps me living
take back from those who stole my pay
selling myself but not my soul
one honest mans internal fight
steer clear of the falls eyes on the goal
make through the path that leads my might
Feels like I'm coming closer with death
Feels like I'm fighting a long hard winter
and my existance is set
I might be killing myself but I
Feed Off The Strife
You know it's harder than hell, still I
Seek out the Right
so many tolls upon this road
days when I feel I'll throw the match
zero beliefs in tales of gold
drownin in seas escape through hatch
selling myself but not my soul
one honest's man internal fight
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