Fear Is My Ally Lyrics


Inner Trauma

Lyrics to Fear Is My Ally
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You can´t hesitate
Not able to know
Life emergency
Forever calamity
Deathbed image
is empty on your mind
Fear leads the world
Stopping crowd´s spite

Scaring people means
Limits of time
From the inner trauma
The will to feel high
Getting along with
Advices of ghosts
Adrenaline in vein
All my prayers were sold
Fear is my ally

(Welcome to the haunted)
Anywhere I go, a stain is in my brain
I was made to keep my mouth sewed
I learnt to forget the contesting speech
although I know the things I have to skip

Poverty domination, religion control
There´s no medicine
Please, scream for me
Day after day, panic overhead
Comma is my shelter
Future is my past

Fear is my ally
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