Lyrics to Favours For Favours
Favours For Favours Video:
Here are the girls trying to do women's things
And we are the boys hanging round
Just trying to do them
Favours so they will do favours in return
If there's something better than this
Well maybe I'll learn
Where that great treasure is kept
For I've never found it in books
And all that I want I have found in longing, knowing looks

And I never know them for more than a night
And I never see them in natural light
And I don't mind
I don't mind

We're all here now and we'll be here again
Down in some bar and we're all of us friends
Spending the night out for the sake of a fuck
Some call it a curse
And some, some call it love
It's a way to pass the time
It's a way to pass through time
A good way to move the time
A way to lose the time
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