Lyrics to Favor
Favor Video:
Wasn't a fancy car
Wasn't a diamond ring
Wasn't friends or lovers at the end of the day
Cause this life's hard and it can bring trouble
In the midst of this trouble no one can take it away
You need His favor, His favor, His favor, His favor
It was His favor, His favor, His favor, His favor

Verse 1-The Ambassador
I'm a witness so I'm takin a stand
Life and trouble go together like bacon and pans
There's gon' be some up and downs like I'm shakin you're hand
And everybody gets down just like a snake in the sand
But God's faithful to man
He's got favor
His hand could take a lame with no cane
Make him able to stand
Man He can reach inside of us with a deposit and got us up outta pits
Reach you at the bottom even when bottom is bottomless
I was just there, I'm a product
My survival is not 'cause I'm the fittest
But my God is a revivalist
That's just what it is, that's just what He does
Recognize what it isn't, recognize what it was


Verse 2-The Ambassador
Of course it was His favor
How else you get that job
You ain't have that paper
It's favor that helped you get that ride
With your credit, forget it
How else you get that crib
Single parent, apparently Jesus helps you with them kids
How'd you go from child of wrath to child of God
I know the math, I know how to add; favor multiplied
Grace came out His hands and feet
Grace came out His side
So amazing so I praise Him, I realize
I was born in sin but born again
Like I was born on U.S. soil
Not from Casey, but through gracie
From the dude that's royal
Such an unlikely pick I'm like Susan Boyle
There's enough grace unlike U.S. oil


Verse 3-The Ambassador
Favor is grace to live, grace to die, grace to give
At the pinnacle is when God came and placed a bridge
Between Himself and we who are on the outside
We were lepers
We were desperate like all them housewives
It supplies strength and it supply need
It's free constantly flowin like a IV
Enough for everybody even in India, I read
Up on the daily, daily He's with me like ID's
I was once on top though I was high to death
Then I dropped and I brought this all on myself
Then His grace came down, gave me life from death
After the swap now I'm back on the top shelf

Wooaaa, wooaaa, wooaaa, His favor
Wooaaa, wooaaa, wooaaa, it was His favor
You need His favor, His favor, His favor, His favor
It was His favor, His favor, His favor, His favor (x3)

Verse 4-Canton Jones
Now you prepared my table, You did all the labor
I don't even worry cuz I know that you are able
You blessed my neighbor
He didn't even have tv, but now he has cable

(Thanks to Blaine Brower for these lyrics)
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