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Black Sun

Lyrics to Faulty Information
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All of me
What you get is what you see
Stop pretending that I tried to make
The truth from fantasy
Cause it's obvious
That you don't understand
What it takes to make an idiot
Like me into a man

I really love you
I really need you
I really really wanna hold you next to me
I wanna cut you
I wanna bleed you
I'm never happy and I know that you've got the key
I gotta hold you
I gotta kiss you
It doesn't make it any easier for me
I never told you
That I don't miss you
But I say it every day

After all
It was you
That's the only explanation
In your broken trains of thought
You had it all so figured out
You were wrong
All along
It's just faulty information
And you'll never get the chance
The opportunity
To live your life with love

Honesty is lying with all you got
Every time I hear myself I try
So f--king hard hard to stop
But I don't care at all
I don't care a single bit
Nothing ever really seems that bad
When you're always full of sh-t

I don't wanna be that bad guy
Living in a bad lie
Making everything get worse
I shouldn't have to make you want it
Even though I'm gone
It makes me wanna be with you
You're better off and you know it
Living down below it
But I just can't let go
I know it wasn't worth the trouble
But f--k it, why be subtle
I only get one chance at this
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