Father, Mother, Sister, Brother Lyrics

Among Wolves

This Is A Wave Goodbye

Lyrics to Father, Mother, Sister, Brother
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother Video:
I try to be a better man
More than my father ever was
He was a brave man
And a mighty good one
More than I could have ever been
Or even tried to
More than I ever was
More than I can be

I try to be like my mother was
The woman always stood up for me
And there is no other one
She made me
But like a ghost
She comes sailin on in
What a sweet woman
More than anyone could have ever been

I got a sailor for a sister
We're gettin closer on the train
New Orleans is a-comin
And down there it never rains
In a horse and carraige
We toured the city streets
But through all the mess
I know she still loves me (3x)

I got this brother
He hides inside his room
He's got a problem
But my mother refuses to admit
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