Fast Song (Broken Strings and Bleeding Fingers) Lyrics

Ugly Thrash Demon

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Lyrics to Fast Song (Broken Strings and Bleeding Fingers)
Fast Song (Broken Strings and Bleeding Fingers) Video:
A window there, flying through the air
Across the bay on her way north route
Towards the way she's never been before
Hoping to find a new sign of life

She flaps her wings and rises with the air
No trouble here but maybe when she's there
As she goes she's thinking of her friends
Whom she loves but does she really know?

Floating through fluorescent golden clouds
They give off a euphoric sense of smell
As she floats through an easy town
One would think a storm was brewing there

The golden shine leaves as quick as it came
Just as they go, it begins to rain
What kind of life is living when you go insane?
Just trying to find something that'll stop the rain

Where she is now, I have no idea
How I miss her and wonder if she's safe
In my mind she lives to wander
But I wonder if she's longing for a place
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