Lyrics to Fast Forward
Fast Forward Video:
(feat. Freeway)

[Hook: Jody]
Now see yall, Im a rap star, but in my heart Im a trap boy
So if you want some heart, holla back boy
I can get you what you ask for
Pussy coke and hills if you pass boy try me if you pass boy
Everyday we take a chance for duck and vest boy
If [?] jump up out the bed for
Run and cut the slap boy, up hop out the cab boy
You cant come up here street shit fast forward

[Verse: Jody]
Ay, this is not a rapper, and Im not a boy
Call me a trapper, you niggaz better know it
Im on the block for real how they knock and rock some pills
Im tryna get it poppin but them houses in the crib
Well I am to the top, I wanna see some meals
Goin top or drop sitted on some customs rims
About a lot of obvious Im on a couple hills
Pop a lot of bousand, drinkin couple beers
This is not The Wire, we move em bout some reels
Hops in the industry and cops a couple deals
Now Im hot as an Hennessey sittin in the sun
Lot a niggaz get me, but Im not the one
And if you want it all you gotta do is ask for it
If you pained I will leave his brain on his dash boy
If you don't what Im sayin then fast forward
Take a chance be a man boy

[Hook: Jody]

[Verse: Freeway]
From North Philly to A Town, geah, we move trough traffic
Talk [?] bring da package run u ways dats why dey call me Mr. Way
Mr. Yay's pushin over relation the pusher T
Pusher have a key in da street my heat and da pushers fucka
Me and Jody we holdin you cant touch us
We can em muscles fuck wit us can left wit ya hand open nigga
And my peeps [?] speaks we deliver to the niggaz
And Im not only a cryin Im the president
Ah never had this take to bring it to ya residence
See [?] pay he's might sleep in the ripper wit da dishes
And finish baby moms is swimin wit proms
And the kitchens first I been in line wit dem whip, Im dishes
This is, North Philly's finest wit a touchin dirty suck em
(Suck em suck em) you aint feelin right
All the moms pray to God cuz we gangstaz they want us to stop
You better pary the God that you makin this a'ight

[Hook: Jody]

[Verse: Jody]
You cant slow me down, cuz I aint fakin bout shit
Don't gettin paper now, but Im still breakin down bricks
So don't play around cuz I told hate to now clicks
And now I lay you down, A.K. or break it down quick
I see the way the people hate, noyhin in this world is free
You can take me out the hood but not the hood outta me
Don't get me confusin, MTV or BET
Cuz Imma be around for a minute just be watchin me
I represent for the South my residence is a sloim
Couple golds in my mouth, big begets in my choim
Im the sortest and get, Im the youngest in charge
The job show me respect cuz Im a vet and I know it
[Hook: Jody]
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