Fast Food Lyrics


Lynch Me

Lyrics to Fast Food
I remember back at home when the snow would fall
Getting fucked up, CXRPSE stay missing
Money on my mind fuck nigga be a witness
I remember I ain't even have a pot to fucking piss in
Its a shame how that go cuz you lose some friends
When it's all said and done you got looser ends
You niggas fold under pressure I refuse to bend
Nigga do what the fuck you gotta do for rent
I put a underground rap nigga under the ground
Bitch I'm sitting in the building while you wait in the lounge
I'm fucking working for my people whilе you sitting around
Till you hear pop
And I'm dumping them rounds
My plate full and I want a platе after
When I look at rap I never seen no better actors
Like Lil Wayne all I eat is rappers
And these rappers ain't shit I like my fast food faster