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Lyrics to Fashionistas
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What's the matter with
All the kids today?
They might be growing up too fast
What's the matter with
All the trends today?
Make sure the kids will make them last!

And now you scream and I wanna know:
Why are you so angry and mad?
But I can't understand what the singer is singing
And why they are whining?

And nowadays, as crazy as it seems
They are all wearing the same kind of jeans
Tight black t-shirt with a bloody band's name...
What the hell is going on?

You think you know it...
I really think you've lost it all

...All of your friends now
What's the matter with you?
Don't forget your makeup now!
They're all waiting for you...

Is this the way you wanna be remembered?
I may be wrong, I may be wrong
Is this the trend you wanna carry on?
Maybe I'm the one who's lost it all
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