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Lyrics to Fashion Death Trends
Fashion Death Trends Video:
I don't feel cool
Just a little bit cold
Looking down at my shoes and there getting old
Rotting my smile drinking ca ca ca cola
Changing my style
In different ways
It's the same old shirt
Just a different day
Death trends
*Looks till the bitter end
Dress me turn me around
Couture Couture Couture
If you said it was broke
I would say it needs fixing
Wearing long sleeves all summer long
Wasting my time and my ma ma ma money
Cheating my style
In different way
It's the same old jeans
Just a different day
*The Last Street
*Sweetest Start
*to the bitter end
Drive me
Turns me around
*Hello Hello Hello
*Hello Hello Hello
*Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye
*Ca ca ca cola
*Ca ca couture
*Ca ca ca cola
*Ca ca couture
Very Nice
Very Nice
Very nice
Very nice
Looks so cute on you
*Ca ca ca cola (x4)
*Ca ca couture*
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