Lyrics to Farmhouse Blues
Farmhouse Blues Video:
If it's true that great things take time, I earn first prize
90 days since I spoke to you, I think I'm losing my head
And I think I'm losing my head
I wake up in felicity, I wake up in the cold
I wake up next to you and it's late December '04, oh boy

And I'm saving that sauce (oh yeah)
Sipping red wine (oh honey)
I'm thinking of you
And those farmhouse blues

Knowing now what I didn't know then,
I probably said something more
To kill the doubts, to find a cure
To tell you what you already know
I'm thinking but you of me, I'll hang on as long as I can
With questions and sidewalk thoughts
I'll scribble, I'll twist, I'll sing and then I'll shout

I can't sleep, the sun's come up
With the falls, I got too much to say
I want your love, I want it now
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