Farewell To Eternal Life Lyrics

Howling Syn


Lyrics to Farewell To Eternal Life
Farewell To Eternal Life Video:
Dark sky, empty nights
One of those nights you're haunted by fright
But the moon is bright
Let your sins scream louder than the night
You hope you'll live
'Cause life is your precious gift
You can run, you'll sure hide
But no one here can be saved by the light

Your instinct, your anger
Can be thrown away forever
Your screams - my pleasure!
I like the echoes coming from the cellar
Your dreams - or nightmares?
A vision of your corpse just lying there
It's sad to see
That you were never meant to be

All I feel is so unreal
All I care is to be real

Oh, I feel like a living dead
All I care is to be dead
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