Lyrics to Farewell
Farewell Video:
I won't wait for you to follow through
I'm already done to you
So what the hell's the use
In trying now my time's run down
Ever since the day I fell right back on you
I don't know how much I can take
Not so much anymore I won't....

Wait, around for you
My heart says I'm done and I am through
Look to the sky and in my eye
And say farewell

A second chance don't last forever
I'm already gone in time
And when it comes, it's already over
Things were best the very first time you said

In times like this my luck runs out
I don't want to live no more
It seems that nothing goes my way
So i wont take no from you
And I stand here feeling so betrayed
Not so much anymore I won't....

In times like this
I feel shutdown, as you sleep
I'm always down
When everything turned
We just parted our ways
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