Lyrics to Far From Over
Far From Over Video:
I can feel the darkness grow
I can see the North wind blow
But there's a light up ahead

So you want to get the best of me
You better be all that you can be
I got a lot more than you at stake
If it's my life you want to take

Just hold on a little longer
These days in the cold will make us stronger
(Stand up) Stand up, we won't back down
(Hold on) They're coming for us right now

The emptiness numbs my bones
But the flames melt my soul
And it's a fight I can win

There's nothing that can stop us now, oh no
We're gonna make it through somehow
'Cause you and me, we never go easy
You and me, we never go easy

This night is far from over
But the end is so much closer
Songwriters: Khandwala, Kato / Writer, Unknown
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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