Lyrics to Fantasy
Fantasy Video:
[feat. Jhené Aiko]

[Verse 1:]
We could have a rendezvous, butter on your crip legs dinner for two. I know your used to niggas runnin game but I ain't playin games I'm tryna introduce you to my last name let's get acquainted let me be your fiend you be my nicotine. I'm bout to take a hit. Shit damn, start a fam take you to the crib show you how I live need you by my side you can be my rib your friends messy baby I can be your bib. A fool for your love my pretty angel came from above my lil ghetto dove just hold me down and I could take a sub whaat

[Hook x2: Jhene Aiko]
You that nigga you that nigga you go getta and I'm that bitch so you betta come get her

[Verse 2:]
Wonder were we goin next, with a rider if you know what's best. I could be your iron knight and you I will protect inhale your love and let our soul connect. Go deep inside steal ya heart take away ya pride can see it in your eyes, the way a gangster got you smilin took you by surprise got me smilin too no waiter girl you are the menu, my number one fan you ar the venue fuck show money rather your my revenue. Smoke a blunt or two gaze at the stars keep us hypnotized reach for the sky I can take you to the top I hope you will comply riiighhtt.


[Verse 3:]
We could have a rendezvous butter on your crip legs dinner for two later on? Shit let's see what it do been chasin you for a while let's end the pursuit lock you down and throw away the key a new life only place for you to be glad you chose a G. I can be your dreams and fulfill your fantasy

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