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Gather round people I just dreamt of this song about all the World gettin? along. Human rights, no shallow graves politician?s speak the truth, no one?s got Aids. I look at a Muslim embracing a Jew everyone's eating everyone?s food. Free from diseases, ain?t no Third World love is the message, love is the word. This is my island (island), my fantasy (my fantasy), my fantasy (fantasy). There?s a welcome mat at the centre of the earth. No sign of hate, a four-letter word. The children are playing in air you can breathe people got dreams, people achieve. Everywhere?s music, sunshine and laughter we still feel the same the morning after words in the air, love in the heart. This is my dream, a brand new start (This is my fantasy) Believe in me baby. Say what have we got we got the power (we got the power). Got sixty seconds, got every hour (every hour). Say what have we got we got the power (we got the power). We are the spark to light the fire (light the fire). Got one blood, got one skin goto ne soul deep within. Got a heart beating fast got a dream got no past. Say what have we got. This is my, this is my, this is my fantasy.

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