Lyrics to Fanfare
Fanfare Video:
I gave up yesterday
Believing I can make a difference here
Sleeping twelve hours a day
No one cares anyway
Come whatever may
Ask me what I think and I would say
"I gave up half a chance
To change the way the world turns today."
Waiting 'round for the call
Nobody phoned at all
The final curtains fall
And I'll be writing on your wall like this
Chop down the money tree
A thorny bush will grow before you know
Money is what I've not
Mean more than what I've got
Steal it and you're caught
My dad might say he always says a lot
That don't sit well with me
The plates are cleared the dinner time coffee
The answers are plain to see
I always disagree
What do you mean we?
It might seem right to you but not to me
Songwriters: KURT BLOCH
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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