Lyrics to Fancy Face
Fancy Face Video:
Just A Dealer The Life On Air
The Panic To Moon
A Just Last Tought Girl
The Missing Lonely
And The Love You Match
To Feel The Sleep
The Girls On Electricas

Just A Dealer The Life
The Crying Cigarette
The Out Of Love To Man
The Grils To Done
She Just Triste
And Nues And Frut

Just A Dealer The Life To Eyes
Just A Last To Heart I m Just
A Doingt And The Girls Station
The Green To Paissons
Make To The Low Time
The Fall And Installaition
The Lost And Conformas

Just A Dealer The Life On Serach To Egratinas
She Just A Mystère To Girls
And Fears On Just Line
And Why To Isolation
Come Done Of Linceulas
The Playing Of Guitare And Seul And The Titeulles

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