Lyrics to Fancy Coat
Fancy Coat Video:
Do you remember all of those cold icy nights?
Do you remember the stares in their wiry eyes and their mysterious lives?
You can't chase them away forever
They know exactly where you hide
They'll follow you down
They'll call you out
Grab that fancy coat and kapow
"It's all over now"
You can smell this disease for miles
And there's no escape from a world without eyes
Lives that might as well be blind
We are the invisible, we disappear.
I am nonexistent. I am invisible.
Stay away from here...
Praise the plagues that will kill us all
Praise the lies that keep them satisfied
Turn your eyes to the light
And go from blindness to sight
This trail won't take long
And if we're so cut throat
Then we'll make it out of here alive
Will we make it out of here alive?
I am invisible. I am no longer here.
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