Lyrics to Famished
Famished Video:
Our law's in control it's the arm leg leg arm head let's go
Hard writer outfitted with some vicious pros
My advice to you is keepin' yo lips closed
It's hard not to believe the hard verbally
So that hard talk you spark is absurdity
Castor, I play the sun close like Mercury
But I'm scopin' out Venus, the nerve of me
Most certainly these assholes are gasious
No sweat, I could use the practice
Whole scene is made up of cheap promising actors
Live in your ads dismissed matchin' yo fans got catfished
My existence defies science
Don't make the kid broad, he's a bit horizon
Barf colder than a frigid house' white shoulder
Type to fill his flu glands with some king cobra
Half man, half ghost ship
I don't give a fuck like Roca sweat pants wore out of function
I does this, come at me in highs with yo bride
You leave, I'll fuck this, fucka

I like your lover
(You know how to talk that shit, tho)

Fuck rappers, roof for the villain, run it like a relay
Related fill it that, I make rap art, I make art well
Pop like pop off then I pop lapells
Double on me like alimony
With the side of child support, dope pound, it's yours
You pick the devils you run with, I cut the devil's pie like an 808 drum kit
Kick here, snare on that pack, stowin' out tho the scene the sax bag(?)
When a form is a path to funcion, the force I mass be a masking muskets
Magnums, fuck it tho, I'm swaggin'
You relive the past, I affect what you have
Right here, but good luck with that, kiddo
You should buy a verse and then quicky my cliff notes
Stick close, I'm craftin', you weak like ? like feline ?
Cute, but you lack technique, I ain't even gon' sun you with anotha dead-beat
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