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one two, one two this goes out to my brother dimond shell my man jazzy jerome, def jeff i can't forget my man kevin d and the midnight express crew philly, soda pop i'm gonna run down my family tree like this: one, two, one two three and i got a friend by the name of charlie charlie got a wife by the name of dolly dolly and charlie got a son named wally and wally got a girl by the name of polly polly got a sister by the name of molly molly and polly got a mother named holly father named arthur, we call him artie you don't understand then i'm very very sorry cousin named frita, uncle named skeeter he's married to my fine aunt rita who is the leader of the married cheaters so i son't greet her, cause my uncle don't need her grandma joyce drives a rolls royce of the family i'm a favorite choice buddy named homer, used to be a loner now he's got a girl by the name of mona now that homer's married to mona all he does all day is bone, bone, bone her father named lex, gets big respect driving in his dodge 300gx week after next, lex gets his check me and lex will be chillin' in the x my girl elenor, went to the drugstore to get deodorant, i think it was pure cause the one she used before made her underarm sore and that's why elenor don't use it no more a girl named betty who used to go with freddie asked me was I ready for us to go steady I told betty that I wasn't ready to go steady cuz it would hurt freddy a girl named gwen, she's my best friend known her ever since who knows when and do you comprehend, the message that i send of family and friend of grandpa ben like, like, like, like, like, like that bound to wreck your body and ana na na na na na na na na na ana cool v bring it down

Songwriters: M. HALL, J. BROWN
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