Lyrics to Family
Family Video:

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Turn the radio up and we can have a good time
Got me feeling like J.J. on Good Times
Back when Thelma had that ass, off the fam good
My sister said she likes my raps cause it sounds good
Told me not to cut corners, use to cut quarters
Sitting in the room, on the phone, cooking up orders
Till my pops popped me off, that was family matters
Used to watch him in the kitchen sipping Sammy Adams
Now I'm rollin', iPhone Stolen
Mama whip with 5 of my guys, 4 holdin'
Trying to live our lives like our lives are so golden
Got big shoes to fill like try go bowling
Til we strike out, we just hoping we don't strike out
4th quarter, how you gon go and take Mike out?
Summertime Chi, I had to pull the bike out
Riding getting nice cause it's nice out

[Hook: Chance The Rapper]
Let's land in the land where the Famo stay
Grind all day til the fam okay
It still warm my heart to hear my grandma pray
For the fam of my friends when my mans go away (x2)

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
Don't wake up, don't wake up, don't wake up too fast
Don't make up your mind, you should flake on that class
Sing all you want, just don't Drake on they ass
Shore you got drive, don't turn fake on they ass
Good morning, good raps, good morrow, good luck
Tonight you could blow, tomorrow you suck
Bizarro, my carro, I borrowed from Chuck
A new SLR and Ferrarro deluxe
No money for the meter when I'm parkin' em
Gassed than a bitch no car with him
Market him, tell him that he's buzzing like a game operation with Parkinsons
Young kid rappers, kidnappers
Young whipper snapper that will whip past ya
Will get at you, come get at you
Wanna break ya off, Come Kit-Kat you


[Verse 3: Sulaiman]
Now the team work make the dream work
Go ahead and send an application if you need work
If it need hurt, then I'mma bring hurt
How you finna see the clouds if you never seen dirt
Now you finna play it loud, listen how it's goin down
Didn't know the name before bet you niggas know it now
Chi-City niggy, made a 50 out a penny
Got some titties at the cribby and the Savemoney with me and we going in
Going all out for them hoes again
Now I'm fin to bring the fucking flow and bend it back
And show it's more to this than rap
Love my parents for supporting cause they know I'm finna crack
Know my niggas got my back, got some niggas selling packs
But I'm tryin' to get em cheese so I can get em out the trap
Now my figures getting fat, a lot of hoes be tryin' to jack
But I got her on my lap, All she do is make it clap

[Hook x 4]
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