Lyrics to False Hopes
False Hopes Video:
Lets find out, how to achieve
All the things we love and care about.
All of the things, that we need to know,
We'll work it out work it out.
And I would give anything to find
The one who could show me how,
And I thought it was you,
I thought it was you.
Lets find out how to defeat,
All the things we love and care about.
We'll break them in two, so silently,
Without a scream, without a shout.
And all on the long way home,
Underneath the sheltering sky,
There's a tear on my hand,
And I see that it's mine.
And I know it's not your fault, you're
Just following your heart and mind
But they're lying to you,
And you're wasting my time.
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