Lyrics to Fallon's Dead
Fallon's Dead Video:
Hey now whatcha doin'?
Ya got that gun in your hand so you might as well us it
Just put both fingers on the trigger and funny it's you who dies
I can't figure you in I can't figure you out
Your lies only breed doubt with a bad taste in the mouth
What's in your master plan to screw with our lives and mess with heads?
Have you heard the news?
Have you heard Fallon's dead?
14 angry gangsters pumped her ass full of lead

Still got this burning desire here in my heart
Here in my head.
No reason
Fallon is dead

Work from 9 to 5
We just cant compromise
Along these starting stopping dead communications lines
Try to figure this out
Somehow I just can't decide
Why would she lie?
So how'd it feel when that building fell right on your face?
How'd it feel when that rocket shot you out into space?
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