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Immaculate Fools

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Lyrics to Falling Apart Together
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He makes promises,she just shrugs and smile.He makes sweeping gestures,she let's go of his hand.He talks about tomorrow,she knows she's not included when he talks of life.She knows he knows nothing.They stay falling apart together nothing is straight so why do you stay walk away.He talks about the future,she sees further then that.They make love like strangers.She know they can't be friends.He wants to walk through heaven.She's been there many times.He talks of far old places.She know he wan't see them.They stay falling apart togheter .Nothing is straight so why do you stay walk away.She said let's go somewhere somewhere further than love.She said let's find something something bigger then God.Into this world we're born naked bloody and poor.Ihave to know why.Yes I know I know nothing.They stay falling apart togheter.Nothing is straight so why do you stay walk away

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