Fall, rise, repeat Pt. 2 Lyrics

I Am Hunger

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Lyrics to Fall, rise, repeat Pt. 2
Fall, rise, repeat Pt. 2 Video:
Breath in life again
Just waking up to feel the pain
Of scattered dreams that once was
Able to fuel the day.

Trapped in this goddamn soul
And bound to live by it's norms
I know you've tried and failed
I've been there myself before

But I've lost,
All of my hope this time
And every thought I always knew was mine.
All of my confidence
And every word I speak, is no longer mine.
All that was left of me
Replaced by a fucking recepie.

I hope you don't fail like I did
To see what it really means

I never thought that I would see myself
So tangled up, so serious.
But it's intoxicating, this ace this waiting.
To finally let go.

Oh, keep me close to the edge, but don't throw over.

All hope is gone.
Keep me close the edge, but don't throw me over.
Just throw me over the edge, just throw me over.
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