Lyrics to Falkland Grene
Falkland Grene Video:
(Mittelalterliche Ballade) were I the morning star, I could never shine so fair. Lady in your sequin gown riding on a milk-white palfrey. Poppingay and minstrel gaily riding down a forest road. Knights and ladies come ye well to be at falkland grene, to be at falkland grene. Send your coat of steel my lord, you could have a winesome favour. Ride your fair and speak you well, maybe know a ladys pleasure. Stuart lord in gold and crimson, hunt the board and flectfoot tear. Poet if your lines be true then come to falkland grene, come to falkland grene. Blow cold the winter wind, whistle you a moanful song. Jesters words they peated like bells down below the rims of lomond. Flew the hawk and watched the court here, in the gardens were they seen. In days of wine and madrigar down at falkland grene, down at falkland grene.

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