Lyrics to Fake B-Move Star
Fake B-Move Star Video:
Since the day
she was gone
started dressing in black
started going out at midnight
like a comic book character
There's a child behind the window
you can see that he's looking for salvation
There I step into the spotlight
like a sandman or just a clown
and everybody's talking
and everybody knows in town but me
at last I see an open door
but hide away
Well I feel like a murderer
but it's quiet and dark and lonely here
the only ghost that haunts me
is my love gone by
and everybody's staring
but everybody's eyes look at the floor
a black spot in a dark night
I'll disappear
and everybody's moving
but everybody's arms and legs are still
the sounds of rain fills everything
my soul is dying
like a candle in the dark
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