Lyrics to Faithless
Faithless Video:
Tomorrow, No one knows what's coming
nothing written, nothing set, nothing but nothing
why is it, that you want your faith to be created by anyone but you?

so many people trying, to find the meaning of this world to figure out their own existence
with help of, brain and heart we set our own consensus to ease our common angst

But how can you endource a thesis that subjugates personal freedom
collective mind-stagnation will get no one nowhere

it's time to clear the path, to clear our heads
to be responsible for our own actions
there's no one else, to take the blame
your life is in your hands and not faith's

it's nothing more than what you make of it
stop living in the past and focus on what's important right here right now

free yourself and free your mind
it's your way or none at all
at all
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