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You were there one month of the year, but the calendar is 12 months long. Mother did her very best, but she did it by herself â??cause you were gone. Every now and then you strolled in. When you did you tried to lay down the law. I guess you were a pretty good dad when you were there at all. Someone forgot to tell you raising kids is a full time job. Doors are hard to open when there is no one there to help you reach the knob. The holes of my life that you have missed are enough to sink a ship. A child is not a letter and a photograph held together by a paperclip. Getting older I can see how mistakes are easily made. But it doesn't change the fact that it's by the kids whom the price is paid. Fair weather father! Fair weather father! Never taught me to throw a football. Taught myself to ride a bike. Could have used some fatherly advice with the girls I have liked. Weren't there when I first drove a car. Weren't there when I finished school. Weren't there when I ran away or when I was abused.

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