Lyrics to Fail Again
Fail Again Video:
When will this stop?

I keep on walking to stay at the same spot

Can my legs carry my senses in spite of you?

A never ending queue

Dominating a couple of areas

Forced to smile my way through us

Should have known this all along when you left me the scar on my lips

Standing up though, having breakfast, turning on the television

Then neglecting your name again, but do I have to feel the guilt as usual?

Damn why am I always laughed at by faith and her cruel friends?


Nothing left to say

By now you should know how to read my mind

Hurry up and prepare to fail at once

You cannot see through this scar on my lips you've caused

You might see me as a bastard right now

Every action has its own goal

What can I say?

"We're participating in a game, it's your turn dear"

Let us show we make a perfect team

Cheating will be fine

Wait a sec! I'm not able to replace the road to your home

I'm working out the strategy

Not going down, follow me

There is more than meets the eye

Let's go!


(open up your window)

Forced to smile my way through us I can't believe me made it

One day we will fall
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