Fading Lyrics



Lyrics to Fading
Born into this hell alone
And that’s the way I’ll go
Till death
I can’t stand this

You’re the reason that I am Here
And now you Disappear
Left us with nothing

Hate helps me to survive
Don’t know the reasons why
I just keep pushing

Done the way just like you were
But no excuses here
Oh I can feel the

Exhaustion takes it’s hold
All introspection lost
Cracked stone erodes revealing
What will be the cost

We’re fading stripped of sanity
I’m drowning in this hate
This broken path lead us astray
Confused I push away

Thoughts of hate consume my mind
To be revealed in time
Darkness engulfs when I trust
Memories fall to dust

Waves crash around me drowning, Try to push myself up for air
I’m pushing pulling grasping got to find my way out of here
Your narcissistic ways they leave me trapped i’m feeling despair
And when we will not toe the line, cast aside, with no care

The silence makes it so clear
Your blank expression shows fear
Trapped in this hell you call home
You’ll rot here all alone

The silence makes it so clear
You’ll rot alone in here
Your blank expression shows fear
You’ll rot alone in here

I see the sickness in you
No compassion for your kin
Wick burns the flame that’s within you
Pushed away until there’s nothing left to feel

And now you’ll see that no one around you cares
This empty shell is all you’ll fucking have left

Pick up the pieces ripped torn scattered broken to comprehend
Your life’s work bringing nothing, But you’ll still defend
These actions that bring pain to, those forced to stand you
And we cannot wait to
See all this crumble fucking round you
I will be your end
Songwriters: Daniel Ralph, James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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