Lyrics to Facsimile
Facsimile Video:
Yeah, they're closing down the line
It's almost quitting time
Plotting their next crime as the evening descends
It's amazing what you'll sell when you're not doing all that well
The stories you'll tell to make you a friend

Yeah, you worry about your looks
And from the magazines and books, you get a chic little hook
(If you've got the wealth)
It's amazing what you'll buy if you think last chance went buy
You weave a new set of lines to cover yourself

'Cos love is just a plea at the deepest point of need
We take the reasonable facsimile most of the time

Ah, sure
You'll take the risk, but then scanty evidence can be used against you at any old time
They'll read you your rights in the heat of the night
What you thought you held so tight slips right through your hands

There's been a raging debate as of late and a storm of controversy
As faith pins her corsage on Easter morning's new mercy
We know the terrain well, but You kicked down the gates of hell
Prison cells open
Threw away the key

Yeah, dragging out of bed
Got a big noise all in your head
Living and the dead run in the clear light of day
It's amazing
What you sold always leaves you feeling old
Less water and more coal to try to make your way
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