Lyrics to Face To Face
Face To Face Video:
I've been waiting to meet you
I know you're out there somewhere
Are you waiting to meet me too?
Every morning I start out
Maybe today
Every night turn my heart out
Maybe tomorrow
When I wander in dreamtime
I feel you come closer
Tell me is it the same with you?
You stand on a cliff overlooking the ocean
Below on the beach
I am caught in slow motion

And there we're face to face
Together again for the first time
Face to face
You're the one I can love for a lifetime
Face to face
I can see that it might take a while
Face to face
To escape from the curve of your smile

All alone in a desert
I follow some footprints
Only hoping they lead to you
Always slightly behind you
Just out of frame
In a hurry to find you
Before the dream ends
There's confusion and hardship
But it never matters
'Cause I'm doing it all for you
And I know as I search these wide open spaces
You wait under a palm tree
At the oasis

Cancel loneliness
Capture happiness
Let that heartache and pain go
Love feels awful good
Like I knew it would
All superlatives true
Never better now
It's forever now
Finally over the rainbow
I was blind I see
Fate was kind to me
When it cast me with you
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